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อาจารย์ทิพย์อาภรณ์ สว่างผล

อาจารย์ทิพย์อาภรณ์ สว่างผล


Courses under my responsibility:

  • English for Tourist Guides
  • English for Hotel Services
  • English for Tourism
  • English writing for Tourism and Hotel Business
  • English for Hospitality
  • English for Food and Beverage Service

Instruction Supports:

  • Supplementary Handouts
  • Handout for English for Tourist Guides
  • Computer – based Learning Materials

Education / Training:

  • Bachelor of Education (English), Chiang Mai University
  • Master of Arts (Language and Communication), National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
  • Cert. in Tourist Guides Training Course, Silpakorn University
  • Cert. in Education Technology in Tertiary Education, Durham University, United Kingdom
  • Letter of Achievement in Basic Reservation for Vista, Thai Amadeus Southeast Asia
  • Cert. in Bar Operation and Cocktail Recipes, Asian Professional Beverage Academy

Areas of Interest:

  • English for Tourist Guides and Tourism Industry
  • English for Hospitality and Food Service
  • Teaching English in Tertiary Education
  • Multimedia used in Language Teaching

Research & Publication

  • An analysis of the English Language Needs of Nurses
  • An Application of Backcasting Approach to Sustainable Tourism Development : A Case Study of Nakorn Chum, Thailand, The International Conference on Social Science and Humanity, March 25-27, 2017, Kyoto, Japan

Academic Services previously and/or currently rendered:

  • Head of English for Tourism and Hospitality Section (Present)
  • Secretary of Foreign Languages for Hotel and Tourism Studies