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อาจารย์วัชรีพร สุทธิกรกมล

อาจารย์วัชรีพร สุทธิกรกมล


Courses under my responsibility:

  • English for Communication Skills 1
  • English for Communication Skills 2
  • English Reading for Hotel and Tourism Business

Instruction Supports:

  • Supplementary Handouts
  • Teaching Materials for Hotel Tourism Business

Education / Training:

  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction for Tertiary Level 1
  • Cert. in Teaching Training and Development Course, DPU - Bell
  • Cert. in TESOL, Phoenix Academy, Perth in Australlia

Areas of Interest:

  • English for Hotel and Tourism, TESOL, Psychology, Computer

Research & Publication

  • A Comparative Study of Teaching Communicative English by Using Cooperative Activities and Teacher’s Manual Activities
  • Academic Service Previously and / or Currently Rendered: